Restitute Health Partnership Makes a Difference for Crew Chief

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (May 18, 2018) – Performance Tech Motorsports knows that for there to be success, you must first conduct tests.

With this in mind Performance Tech Crew Chief, Frankie Parzych, has spent the past month testing the team's new partner, Spine™. Spine™ is a supplement designed to promote spine health and overall mobility, both of which are crucial to highly active workers like Parzych.

Parzych began taking the supplement daily in April, keeping a keen lookout for the sugar pill effect many people experience when first taking a supplement. At the end of the first week, he noticed a lack of pain in his hands. He wrote it off as a coincidence but continued to take the supplement.

“Just like other supplements I figured there was bound to be a placebo effect,” Parzych said. “When I first started taking it, I thought I felt something changing in my fingers and knuckles especially, but I didn’t want to believe it because I was aware of placebo effects. I have to say I even talked to Doc (Robert Masson) about it because I couldn’t believe I was noticing a difference so fast.”

When not working on the Performance Tech fleet, one of Parzych’s favorite past times is playing the piano. However, he has always had a physically demanding job that required constant use of his hands causing his hobby and other tasks to become strenuous. By the end of week two, Parzych felt little pain while playing and knew for sure that Spine™ was helping him.

“In my past, I worked a lot of heavy construction and did a lot of motocross,” Parzych said. “I was bumped and banged around quite a bit. Now, I work long days and am on my feet constantly. I had pretty bad knees and ankles and noticed that Spine helped in those areas too. Right now, my hands have shown the most improvement, but I’m thinking as I continue taking it everything else will show more improvement.

“At the end of two weeks, I noticed a 100 percent change in my knuckles and fingers. I play the piano, so I noticed a huge difference there. At the end of four weeks, there was no doubt it made a difference. I asked Kyle (Masson) to order me more because I think it really works. I never had a wow moment where it changed me overnight, but overall it has improved my lifestyle. I’m not hurting as much as I used to and I’m able to do the things I enjoy pain-free.”

Dr. Robert Masson, Performance Tech driver and creator of Spine™, checked in weekly with Parzych to help track his progress. While Parzych felt strange giving feedback to his driver rather than receiving it, his weekly debriefs with Dr. Masson helped him pick up on small changes in his body he would have otherwise looked over. In these changes the pair found one single side effect from the supplement; sleeping better at night.

Restitute Health and Spine™ will be partnered with Performance Tech for the remainder of the IMSA WeatherTech Championship season. Together they hope to spread spine health awareness through success stories such as Parzych’s. Performance Tech Motorsports’ next race is the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix Presented by Lear at The Raceway at Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigan, from Friday, June, 1 through Saturday, June 2. For schedule, details visit