Performance Tech, Restitute Health Team Up for Spine™ Health Awareness

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (April X, 2018) – Restitute Health and Performance Tech Motorsports have partnered to promote spine health maintenance in active adults. 

Restitute Health™ is a company founded by a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing spine health and spine health practices. The company focuses on holistic solutions to bridge the gap between basic health maintenance and modern medical treatment. The Performance Tech Motorsports partnership is designed to encourage both patients and non-patients to improve their spine health and to demonstrate the benefit of optimization on life performance.

Spine™ is a proprietary nutriment formula designed to meet the needs of those focusing on spine health. Spine is a specific blend of ingredients that work together to enhance and promote spine health and overall mobility. Clinical studies of Natural Egg Shell Membrane®, one of the principle ingredients have demonstrated increased mobility, flexibility and decreased joint pain in movement after 7-30 days (Clin Interv Aging. 2009; 4: 235-240. Published online 2009 Jun 9).

Dr. Robert Masson, Performance Tech driver in the IMSA Prototype Challenge Presented by Mazda series, as both a micro-reconstructive spine surgeon and spinal reconstruction patient helped found the company. He created the proprietary formula to treat himself during his recovery from spine reconstruction surgery to return him to his previous active lifestyle that consisted of extreme skiing, mountain climbing and playing tennis and basketball. 

Ultimately, this, “extreme recovery,” helped him start his journey with son Kyle Masson as they started sport scar racing together. After molding their racecraft the two became teammates under the Performance Tech banner and found great success in various forms of prototype racing. Two races into the 2018 season Masson has one win under his belt, beating out drivers as young as 17 for the top podium spot. 

“My racing journey began after a long wake up journey into my physical health culminating with neck and knee surgery,” said Masson. “Since that time, I developed, alongside my son Kyle, a passion for racing and am fortunate to have earned a role on the incredible Performance Tech Motorsports racing team. 

“My passion for this sport and my commitment to this team made me feel the need to optimize my physical strength and durability, and I have been rejuvenated by this racing commitment with fitness, nutrition, prehab, rest, recovery and a ‘show up strong attitude.’ I developed Spine™ to support my physical journey towards this dream. I am proud to use my racing platform to encourage preventative spine health and wellness, as a mantra towards life fulfillment.”

Spine™ is just one of the ways the professionals behind Restitute Health are helping people learn more about the concept of, “prehabilitation.” Prehabilitation is preparing for the inevitable health setbacks life throws at everyone. Much like how Performance tech drivers prepare themselves for the physical wear of the race, we all should be training for the physical wear of our hobbies and activity. 

Performance Tech Motorsports Team Principal Brent O’Neill stands behind Restitute Health’s message because he knows all too well the importance of preparation and health. 

“The best teams and drivers prepare, everyone gets that,” O’Neill said. “Everyone knows that to be a good athlete, which is what all drivers and crew guys are, you have to take care of your body. I think what the problem is not a lot of athletes know they are one. A lot of people do sports for fun or have a physical job and never think about the toll their body takes over the years.

“We all get busy, so it’s easy to put off our health when nothing’s wrong, but you know eventually something will go wrong, that’s life. It’s easy to understand why Restitute Health has this mission to help people prepare, we all need to be better at it. I’m happy to support them and hopefully educate people more just like we’re helping Centinel Spine do.”

Spine™ is sold through Restitute Health’s™ online store and Performance Tech Motorsports exclusively. For full product description or to place an order visit Change your future; it’s as simple as Spine. 

Fans can first get a glance at the No. 38 Centinel Spine/Restitute Health Prototype at the Bubba Burger Long Beach Grand Prix April 13- 14. Drivers James French and Kyle Masson will take on the first sprint race of the year on the streets of Long Beach, California. For the event, schedule details visit Watch the race live on FOX from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET Saturday, April 14.