Spine Health and Performance Tech

Restitute Health and Performance Tech Motorsports have partnered to promote spine health maintenance in active adults.

Restitute Health™ is a company founded by a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing spine health and spine health practices. The company focuses on holistic solutions to bridge the gap between basic health maintenance and modern medical treatment. The Performance Tech Motorsports partnership is designed to encourage both patients and non-patients to improve their spine health and to demonstrate the benefit of optimization on life performance.

Spine™ is a proprietary nutriment formula designed to meet the needs of those focusing on spine health. Spine is a specific blend of ingredients that work together to enhance and promote spine health and overall mobility. Clinical studies of Natural Egg Shell Membrane®, one of the principle ingredients have demonstrated increased mobility, flexibility and decreased joint pain in movement after 7-30 days (Clin Interv Aging. 2009; 4:235-240. Published online 2009 Jun 9).

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